My work continues to grow and change over the years, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically 

The one constant has been my preoccupation with the relationship of parts: Inner vs. outer, protective vs. protecting, what gets exposed to the world vs. what stays hidden. These interacting elements create shadows, rhythms, relationships and tensions that I never tire of exploring.

In my latest body of work I have simplified my forms and toned down surfaces to a smooth, almost monochromatic color scheme. It is my intention to create work that evokes a feeling of stillness and quiet while still leaving questions unanswered.

My large, multiple part, layered vessels are all completely hand-built using a combination of coil, slab and pinch construction methods. The surface color of the work is achieved by spraying the pieces with layers of colored slips and oxide washes and firing multiple times to 2200 degrees F.

Artist's Statement
Sharon Brush